Dining possibilities

Because we know that it is not always convenient to go out for a quick dinner, we offer a few dining options.

Dishes prepared by the restaurant l’Équilibriste, which offers healthy, balanced meals based on local and seasonal products.

For example, for the week of 01/02/2021, the proposed dishes are :

Poached trout fillet
on a bed of sauerkraut and horseradish sauce. Lactose-free version on request.

Chicken tagine with lemongrass
Curls and drumstick of chicken, turnip, carrot, shot potato and fennel.

We also offer you meals in Vrai & Bon jars.

These dishes are to be ordered directly at the reception and are to be eaten exclusively in our dining room.

Do not hesitate to ask our team for more information to find the ideal meal for you!

boissons à volonté au petit-déjeuner