Easter in Alsace

The Easter period in Alsace is considered the most important holiday of the year after Christmas.

Under the influence of Germany, Alsace has developed certain traditions that are not found anywhere else in France. It is customary, for example, for the Alsatians to decorate their houses at the approach of Easter, and that it is not the bells, but the Easter hare that brings the eggs!

From the 12th to the 17th of April 2017, Alsace celebrates the beautiful days, Easter markets, Festivals, Exhibitions, events for all tastes to be enjoyed throughout the region!

What about gastronomy?

The traditions of Easter in Alsace also have something to rejoice the gourmands. Several traditional recipes are indeed prepared during the Easter celebrations.

The Alsatian specialty for Easter is the “Lamala”. It is a cookie in the form of Paschal lamb sprinkled with icing sugar, which is shared with family or friends on Easter Sunday.

The pastrycooks cook them in molds of terracotta and often decorate them of a small standard in the colors of Alsace.

Crédits photo : www.lammele.fr